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  • Silica Fiberglass

    Silica Fiberglass

    Silica fiberglass is inorganic fiber that contents more than 96% of SiO2, it’s resistant to high temperature, soft point 1700℃, long term service temperature 900℃, and it can work 10 minutes at 1450℃ and keeps good state at 1600℃ for 15 seconds. For it’s properties of chemical stability, high temperature resistance and obtain resistance,
  • Alkali Resistant Fiberglass

    Alkali Resistant Fiberglass

    Alkali resistant fiberglass (AR fiberglass ) is a fiberglass that can be corrosive resistant to alkaline substance, such as cement. It can be used in glassfiber-reinforced cement (GRC), gypsum and other organic and inorganic material. It is also ideal replacement of steel and asbestos in unloaded cement component part. GRC is qualitative
  • E Glass Fiber

    E Glass Fiber

    E-glass – Alkali free, highly electrically resistive glass made with alumina-calcium borosilicates. E-glass is known in the industry as a general-purpose fiber for its strength and electrical resistance. It is the most commonly used fiber in the fiber reinforced polymer composite industry.
  • Fire Blanket

    Fire Blanket

    Fire Blanket is a highly flame-resistant blanket that can be used to either extinguish a small fire or to wrap around a person. They are made from 2 layers of woven glass fibre fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film. They work by cutting off the oxygen supply (oxygen is one of the three elements that a fire needs to burn) and sm
  • S Glass Fiber

    S Glass Fiber

    S glass fiber has better strength and stiffness compared to standard e-glass fiber.
  • Fiberglass Tissue

    Fiberglass Tissue

    We can provide for customers the excellent PCB tissue (E-fiberglass tissue ), battery separator tissue, facing tissue for building decoration, FRP surfacing tissue, pipe wrapping tissue, roofing tissue, and 10 specifications of many kinds of tissue products.