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Silica fiberglass products application
Jan 29, 2018

HuatekR products are typically applied in industries and areas where thermal insulation is essential to performance, safety and cost. Such industries include shipbuilding and repair, power plants and utilities, metal fabrication, foundries, petroleum and petrochemical plants, chemical processing, nuclear energy, glass plants, appliance manufacturing, aircraft and aerospace, electronics and communications, heat treating. Following are some common applications:

·         Welding blankets, shields & curtains

·         Furnace insulation

·         Insulation in automobile mufflers

·         Turbine insulation

·         High-temperature insulation during machine building

·         Thermal and fire protection during ship building and aerospace work

·         High-temperature composites

·         Fire resistant doors

·         Thermocouple insulation

·         Insulation for fire equipment

·         Inflammable blankets for industrial or household use

·         Protective shelters and clothing for firefighters and foundry workers

HuatekR  silica series of textile products include the following:

·         SILICA Fabrics

·         SILICA Chopped Fibers

·         SILICA Tapes

·         SILICA sleeves

·         SILICA cord

·         SILICA needled mat

·         SILICA mesh

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