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HuaTek ARG fiber
Jul 26, 2018

                     HuaTek ARG fiber

HUATEK engaged in the alkali fiberglass research, development and production from 1995. HUATEK has the whole AR production technology and equipment from AR-glass marble making, fiber forming, weaving to final coating. Na2O- SiO2- ZrO2-TiO2 systems glass has been used as raw material, alkali resistance meet the requirements of PCI (prestressed concrete institution) and international GRC institution. HUATEK has variety of AR products and stable quality. The products can been suitable for all kinds of forming methods such as spray-up, chopped, winding, pre-mix, layout and coating.

Alkali resistant fiberglass (AR fiberglass ) is a fiberglass that can be corrosive resistant to alkaline substance, such as cement. It can be used in glassfiber-reinforced cement (GRC), gypsum and other organic and inorganic material. It is also ideal replacement of steel and asbestos in unloaded cement component part. GRC is qualitative light, high strength, non-combustible,  designable and easily shaped, as a new inorganic composite, it has been widely used in the fields of building, civil construction, agriculture and fishing industry, environment decoration, chemical industry and military project.

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