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Fiberglass wool
Mar 06, 2018

                            What is Fiberglass wool?

The fibers that emerge from bushings or rotating cylindical containers may be coated with binding agents and randomly dispersed to form a fleecy mass of intertwined glass fibers called wool. The wool is cut to size and may be combined with various lining or support materials. Wool may be in bulk or in such forms as batts, rolls, blankets, mats, felts, or pads, whether or not coated, impregnated, or bonded with other substances such as glue or plastics. Wool may also be lined, covered, or supported by various materials, including paper, paperboard, fabrics, and metal mesh or foil. The predominant use for wool is as thermal and acoustical insulation in construction. It is also used as an insulator in industrial, equipment, and appliance applications and as a filtering medium in air-conditioning and ventilating apparatus. Many wool products can be produced to standard specification.

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