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Fiberglass needle mat
Jan 04, 2018

Fiberglass needle mat

Fiberglass needled mat is a kind of filter material which is used as medium to purify gas and split solid from liquid. It filters dusts and solid impurities through its pores.

Needled mat is featured with good ventilation property, good efficiency with getting rid of dusts, gaseous emission


with good cleanliness degree, neat and smooth surface, being not easy to block the pores, being not easy to become deformed, being easy to clean off dusts, long useful time, stable chemical property.


Fiberglass needled mat is applied to purify atomosphere and clean off dusts, as filter material in those fields such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, smelt metal, mechanics, mining, petroleum, medicine, food and so on.

E-glass needle mat resist 500 Celsius degree.

Silica needle mat resist 1000Celsius degree.

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