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E Glass Needled Mat

E Glass Needled Mat

E Glass needled mat

E Glass needled mat

1, Product introduction of the E Glass needled mat

E Glass needled mat with thermal resistance of 500ºC are made of alkali-free alumina borosilicate E-glass fibre yarns with a filament diameter of 9 µm and a length of the cut fibre of 30 to 100 mm without any bonding agent.

2, Product specification of the E Glass needled mat


Area   weight











3, Product feature of the E Glass needled mat

  • Insulation resistance

  • Not burn

  • Good sound absorption

  • High insulation

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Good recovery

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Weight light and soft

  • Simple construction

4, Product application of the E Glass needled mat

E glass needled mat can be used as heat insulating materials in applications up to 500°C. More often, glass fibre mats as heat and acoustic insulating materials are used in industries such as follows:

automotive (motor house, floor),

shipbuilding (walls, ceilings, piping insulation),

carriage (piping insulation),

building (heat insulation),

household goods (heat insulation),

power plants (turbine insulation).

5, Detail of the E Glass needled mat

Glass fiber needle felt can be used in the automotive industry in the sound insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, mainly used in the field of industrial filtration; high temperature flue gas filtration; glass fiber needle felt is widely used in carbon black, Metal, chemical, incineration and other industries of the flue gas purification and dust recovery of various bags of dust.



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