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AR Glass Chopped Strand

AR Glass Chopped Strand

AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)

AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)

1, Product introduction of the AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)


  Alkali resistant fiberglass (AR fiberglass) is a fiberglass that can be corrosive resistant to alkaline substance, such as cement. It can be used in glass fiber-reinforced cement (GRC), gypsum and other organic and inorganic material. It is also ideal replacement of steel and asbestos in unloaded cement component part. GRC is qualitative light, high strength, non-combustible, designable and easily shaped, as a new inorganic composite, it has been widely used in the fields of building, civil construction, agriculture and fishing industry, environment decoration, chemical industry and military project.

   AR fiberglass chopped strand is chopped alkali resistant fiberglass yarn.


2, Product specification of the AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)




ZrO2 content










3, Product application of the AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)


 Reinforced material of internal and external insulation system of wall.

 Internal and external insulation panel, flat board, wavy tile, division panel, moving house.

 Outer decoration component parts of European style, imitate ancient building, artistic sculpture, garden feature.

 Decorative panel, duct panel, cable box, granary, water tanked, battue.

 Channels drainages and irrigation, hardening dykes and dam of river.

 Corrosion-proof chemical pipe, storage tank, military project.


4, Detail of the AR glass chopped strand ARC15-96-24mm-M (L)


Premixed chopped strand: it has excellent properties with alkali resistance, stiffness, and bundle-state, ageing-proof. Mixed 20 minutes in cement at 50 rpm, can still keep good bundle-state, will not dispersed to filaments.

Packing method: packed in paper bag, 20kg per bag. 39 bags a pallet, net weight 780kg, 20 pallets in a 20 feet container, net weight about 15.6 tons.


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